This morning i woke up and it dawned on me, exactly how many assignments, exams, family commitments, work commitments, birthdays and STRESS i am going to have to cram into the next few weeks.

The first thing i did to begin de-stressing was write a list of everything i had coming up. Normally this process of writing a list de-stresses me, as i can see what i have to do and when, and can see where to start. This list however, was HUGE! So rather than sit down and begin item number one on my list (an assignment due in less than a week), i went into the bathroom and began straightening my hair..?

This did not contribute to accomplishing any of the tasks on my constantly growing to-do-list, but it was a job that i could start and finish. this tiny sense of accomplishment managed to de-stress me.

So, while i may never fisish my assignments, or mae it to half of the events i have coming up, at least i will do it with straight and stress free hair.

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