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Uni today was a little bit full on, in my ISY100 tutorial i found out that my group's presentation was actually next week, not week 10. And to add to that i also found out that there was going to be another tutorial quiz next week before the presentation; and that this time it is going to be relatively harder compared to the last quiz we had as too many of us apparently did "too well" in that one and so they're not going to give us too much information for this one.

Also found out about a 2000-3000 word report that we're going to have to put together around week 13.

How unfair life is.

So after uni, being the litle bit of a shopaholic i am, i decided that i deserved some retail therapy, and therapeutic it was :) im not sure how long this gratifying, fulfilling feeling will last for though, I might have to have a repeat when my procrastinating gets the better of me. Its amazing how it simply takes my mind off things and instantly de-stresses me, even if this effect is only temporary.

Im not sure how the concept of "Retail Therapy" works, especially with women so i did a little bit of research:

"It is true that a shopping trip to the mall or the local store can help a person feel better. Who doesn't like to have new things? But buying a new sweater or a new CD does not make your problem or situation in your life better. It just puts it off to the side. Every once in awhile that may be okay to do. To step back and go shopping and take your mind off your problem. But, when does your retail therapy become the problem? More and more people are going into debt nowadays. The use of credit cards is up every year. If a person thinks that buying something new will help them, then when will they stop? Will they have to buy something new everyday just to feel better? What they do not realize is that they are spending money on stuff that they most likely do not need. This is likely adding to the stress in their life. An extreme case of retail therapy is were a person actually goes into debt because they need that instant gratification of purchasing something new all the time."
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