The large sums of work asked of students that almost always leads to high anxiety and a large amount stress. Sometimes it can play on your mind so much that no matter what you do all you can think about is the quiz due tomorrow or the assignment due next week, leaving all other aspects of your life a distant memory.
For me however, ive found that a having a few friends around to watch the footy or versing them on fifa puts you in a position to forget university work even if only for an hour and its at thses that im most relaxed. I dont feel any need to pick up a pen or a book, and it allows me to clear my thoughts and enjoy myslef- a care free enivronment removes all the worries and stress i may have at the time.
So even though the workload is huge and time may not be on your side, taking a break from uni work to partake in sport activiites of any kind can be what you need to feel relaxed and rejuvinated.

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